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Everyone has a story including, Honore Muyaka. From a boy born in Congo, Africa to living in a refugee camp as a teenager to becoming a man that now owns multiple businesses that all net six figures. It’s never about how we start in life it’s all about how we finish. Life hasn’t been perfect for Honore but God surely has been faithful.

Honore has had the honor to speak and perform in 5 countries around the world and has the ability to speak 9 different languages. Honore is a husband, father, friend, speaker, author, pop-rap artist, and serial entrepreneur with no limitations.

Many people know about Honore being talented beyond words. He is also the founder of the BLK CEO movement that has grown rapidly with over 35,000 members, He believes, “Talent doesn’t work unless you work the talent.” A combination of talent and hard work is necessary for anyone to be successful. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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